Open Bridge Rack: Populate Today... Be Ready For Tomorrow

Adopting a new standard does not mean foregoing your current needs. CTS - in collaboration with Fidelity Investments - have contributed this innovative design which solves common data center design challenges. We are pleased to announce the Open Bridge Rack is now available from CTS through our partners, Belden & Electrorack - with full OCP bus bar power systems from Delta Power Products.


The Open Bridge Rack eliminates the sacrifice of future-proofing your data center to accommodate your present-day infrastructure needs. It makes sense from a cost, logistics, and environmental perspective to have one rack that serves your current EIA investment and enables you to easily transition to Open Compute Project hardware. No wasted parts, dollars, or effort. The Open Bridge Rack’s plug-and-play, customizable components provide various options for aesthetics, security, airflow, and cable management

CTS is proud to be a contributor to the Open Compute Project– a mission conceived by Facebook to create the most efficient and economical data center. The project open-sources new hardware, networking, enclosure, and power standards in a community-driven environment. The Open Bridge Rack first debuted in 2013 and the concept has been accepted by the community. The enclosures (v1.1) are now in production-use across the United States.


One rack accommodates two IT standards, EIA & OCP

Easily modified on the floor for changing customer demands

Available in 43U (40 OU) & 48U (44 OU)

End Users
Responsive to capacity demands based on requirements


How They’re Solved

  • EIA and OCP standards are designed in the same rail. Rails are rotated and aligned with conversion kit components.
  • Rails are marked and pre-configured to convert from rack units to OpenU.
  • Rack is pre-configured to accept power shelf and bus bar that conform to OCP standards

Challenges Solved

  • Current EIA-based hardware incompatible with OCP standards
  • Addressing current IT needs meant fully replacing the rack
  • Rack would need to accommodate OCP power standards (bus bars)
  • Customizable rack without being “custom”


Watch the Open Bridge Rack unveiling during the Open Compute Project Summit, San Jose, CA. in January 2014.

  • Vendor agnostic and vanity-free
  • One-time purchase is necessary to be EIA & OCP compliant
  • Cabinet can be easily and quickly converted in both directions
  • OCP Power Systems are separate and can be added at deployment tim